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2014-08-29 11:20:36 by majorgamer03

You may know me as "DarkTree" on steam and forums, and that's me. I don't go here very often, (usually) and... That's it. Not much more to say. I created this account a long time ago, and I was a bit more... I don't know... Immature? Dickish? Less intellegent in general? I think that describes it pretty well. If you see any posts before 2014, ignore them. Please?


2014-03-29 22:22:57 by majorgamer03


Anyways, hi. I'm alive. I just don't go here that often.

Hey. I'm still alive.

2013-08-03 15:04:43 by majorgamer03

I can't tell if you guys think that's a bad thing or a good thing.